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Manchester Police Killings: PM David Cameron calls it an ‘absolutely despicable’ act

Written on:September 19, 2023
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Investigation by the Greater Manchester police is on to solve the case of killings of policewomen

The killings of two policewomen of the Greater Manchester police force have been labelled as a totally despicable act by PM David Cameron, with Greater Manchester’s Chief Constable, Sir Peter Fahy, referring to the murders as the force’s darkest day.

Police are continuing their interrogation of a 29-year-old man, Dale Cregan, who was detained after entering a police station in Hyde subsequent to the shooting of the two unarmed policewomen. Cregan is under police custody on the suspicion of murdering the policewomen.

32-year-old Fiona Bone and 23-year-old Nicola Hughes, the two dead policewomen, were shot and killed when they responded to a mundane ‘call-out’ about a burglary. The gun and grenade assault, leading to their demise, occurred in Hattersley.

Sir Peter Fahy expressed his devastation due to the murders of the policewomen. He described the two deceased police officers as colleagues, who were profoundly loved and respected. They were an integral component of the policing family.

Nicola Hughes was fondly referred to as a great policewoman and a talkative person, who always had a smiling personality. Fiona Bone was categorised as a composed and gentle woman, who had excellent policing qualities. She had been in the midst of planning her matrimony.

PM David Cameron dubbed the murders as cold-blooded and reminded the UK public about the perils facing the police as they do their tough job of protecting the people.

Eyewitnesses asserted a volley of bullets was released followed by a grenade during the attack on the policewomen, which happened just before 11 am on Tuesday.

Dale Cregan is also being grilled regarding the murders of Mark and David Short in Manchester. Cregan had been detained in June in connection with Mark’s killing but was freed on bail as there was inadequate evidence against him.

Late Fiona’s father, Paul, has backed capital punishment for any person convicted of murdering a police officer.

The appalling killings have triggered calls for the routine arming of police. The police flag at Greater Manchester police headquarters has been lowered to half mast as a mark of respect for the departed policewomen.

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