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Tesco Clubcard customers fall prey to online fraud as vouchers are stolen

Written on:February 19, 2024
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Tesco Clubcard holders lost hundreds of pounds worth of loyalty vouchers

Tesco’s customers have reportedly fallen prey to an online fraud after hundreds of pounds worth of loyalty vouchers were allegedly stolen from their Clubcard accounts, which is an online rewards account. Tesco has reported the matter to the police who have begun investigating the fraud which seems like yet another hacking job similar to the one experienced by Burger King whose Twitter account was hacked by miscreants this morning. While some Tesco customers reported losing vouchers accumulated over a number of years after logging into their Clubcard online accounts, others said they have been unable to log on. Tesco, which was riddled in the horse meat scandal a few days ago, has also launched an internal investigation into the matter.

Tesco’s Clubcard scheme allows shoppers to redeem discounts and other items using points generated from shopping at the supermarket. Loyalty card members were told by Tesco’s customer service staff that their vouchers had been spent miles away from their homes. While the number of complaints were lesser than 100, a handful of customers have already been reimbursed, the supermarket chain said.

Last week, Tesco had sent a generic email to its customers in order to help them identify whether the communications titled under the company’s name are genuine or not. A user of the Tesco Clubcard named Pawan wrote on, ”We logged on this month to find that £160 of vouchers that we were hoping to use at Christmas had been stolen (ie spent) from our clubcard account. It had been spent in two stores in London, miles away from where we live.”

Another user ’lyou’, said that Tesco vouchers accumulated over a two-year period had disappeared from their online account. The user further said that Tesco had informed them that the vouchers had been used in London, despite them living ‘in the north’.

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