London anti-capitalist protesters evicted by police

Written on:March 1, 2024
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Occupying London protesters warned this was only the beginning and the eviction won’t derail their future plans, after their camps were trashed from outside St Paul’s Cathedral by police and bailiffs early Tuesday.

“Be assured that plans are already afoot: plans of some ambition, employing a diversity of tactics and delivered with the aplomb you would expect from us,” said anti-capitalist protesters in response to the eviction.

The group, who has camped on the churchyard since October 15, said in a statement that their plans will be revealed in May, one of their favourite months. “The relationships forged during these strange and beautiful four and a half months still have much further to run,” they added.

Modelled after the Occupy Wall Street protest at Zuccotti Park in New York, the protest started during the economic slowdown late last year to demonstrate an opposition against the financial inequalities of the British government.

Police and bailiffs dismantled the camp and loaded the tents into rubbish trucks, five days after the Occupy London group lost a final appeal in the Court of Appeal against their eviction by the City of London Corporation.

During the eviction, a handful of protesters resisted, while many left the camp voluntarily, said the City of London Police, who during the raids seized items like swivel chairs, supermarket shopping trolleys and fire extinguishers.

Regretting the removal of the tents and equipment outside St Paul’s, police said “We regret that it has come to this but the High Court judgment speaks for itself and the Court of Appeal has confirmed that judgment.”

Police officials added, “At 12:10 tonight, bailiffs employed by the City of London Corporation began enforcing a High Court order for the removal of tents and equipment outside St Paul’s Cathedral.”

Despite eviction and losing battle in High Court, protesters vowed to continue their protest against the capitalism and social inequality.

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