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When should you wear natural makeup?

As all die-hard make up fans can attest, makeup really can work miracles, giving a confidence boost when it’s needed most, and helping us to look and feel our very best. And with so many great cosmetics to try, it’s easy to see why some of us opt for a signature makeup look wherever we go.

But here’s the thing, not all occasions should be celebrated with a full face of makeup. Here are a few situations where you’ll be glad you opted for the natural look.


You know that girl you always see at the gym who is still wearing that morning’s foundation? Here’s why you shouldn’t follow her lead. During exercise, your skin’s pores open to allow sweat to pass through them. Sweat contains toxins, and if those pores are already covered over with makeup, those toxins are going to get clogged in your pores and cause spots.

This is not a good look when you’ve just toiled away on the treadmill to feel your best. If you absolutely must wear foundation (hey, you never know who you might meet!) there are some better make up options for the gym.

Opt for something oil-free which will allow your skin to breathe more easily than oil-based products. Another alternative to your usual foundation is a tinted moisturiser, which is more lightweight on your skin. Read more.

If you have semi-permanent brows, you will look ready and put together 100% of the time. The beauty of this affordable, long-lasting treatment is that it gives the image that you have made an effort when really, you are going to the gym for a good workout. Click here to see the best eyebrow clinics in the UK.


OK, so you want to look your absolute best for the big interview. We get it! But remember that your first impressions count, and you want your interviewer to be wowed by your CV rather than that hot new lipstick shade you just bought. See the best interview makeup tips here.

Toning things down a notch for job interviews gives a more professional appearance, especially if you’re hoping to work in a more corporate setting. Stick to playing up just one feature – either a nice natural lip stain or a touch of neutral eyeshadow. Make sure your foundation isn’t too heavy either – you don’t want your interviewer thinking you’re covering up after a night out!

Let us know what your favourite way is to wear natural makeup.


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