Government-run campaign spells out the dangers of date rape

Written on:March 5, 2024
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A new survey reveals that friends and acquaintances are more likely to sexually abuse a girl compared to strangers.

In attempt to scrap the myths and half-truths surrounding date rape, the new campaign unearths some shocking facts that might prompt young women to reconsider their views about the threat perception coming from known guys.

An NSPCC survey revealed that nearly 33% of teenage girls reported facing sexually abusive behaviour from their boyfriends or male friends belonging to the same age group.

The rape-awareness drive – targeted at teenagers – is to be launched by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Figures demonstrate that while the chances of date rape are much lower than what people might think, 66% cases of sexual abuse on teenagers occur in same-age groups, implying that strangers may not always be the usual suspects.

The new awareness drive hopes to get the message out in teenagers using online ad campaigns and television. A television ad seems to drive home the message in no uncertain manner as it features a young man trying to forcibly get physical with a girl against her will in a party, raising the moral question if it is right to indulge in non-consensual sexual activities.

“We want to bring this issue out into the open and get young people talking about the importance of consent”, said the Deputy Prime Minister.

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