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Entertainment news

Entertainment news is news related to popular people, mainly covering the events about prominent profiles that influence day-to-day media. In simple words, any news related to someone who is popular is categorised as entertainment. News regarding new rock bands, rising Hollywood stars, blockbuster, fashion, film, television shows and their stars, all are covered under entertainment news category.

People often consider entertainment news as stories regarding Hollywood stars; however, contrary to the popular belief, it is not limited to movie stars, but covers all kinds of celebrities including politicians, industrialists, and socialites. Entertainment news covers unusual events regarding celebs, people with fame and fortune. The public are interested in knowing about their lives, their actions as well as reactions to other events.

The basic purpose of entertainment news is to inform people about the on-camera and off-camera lives of famous people. Their fashion, their wheels as well as their pets, people are interested to know all about celebrity life. People like to read about celebrity gossips and discuss about them. Music, celebrity, and movies are covered in entertainment news sections of various newspaper websites.

Entertainment news also considers events happening in the life of famous sports stars like footballer David Beckham, golfer Tiger Woods and former boxer Muhammad Ali. Information regarding famous book authors like J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter and Stephenie Meyer of Twilight are often reported as entertainment news.It also covers events happening in showbiz like parties, movie premier and fashion shows.

News dissemination media not only covers entertainment news about local celebrities, but also considers celebrities known around the world like film actor Jackie Chan. Information on political pundits like Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter and Bill Maher also feature as in such reports. Entertainment news is basically a soft style of reporting that does not deal with formal or serious topics and events, instead entertains the reader.

Entertainment news is always fun, exciting and super peppy. It is mainly produced for people who like to read soft and light hearted news. It is read everywhere, irrespective of geographical and demographical barriers and hence is widely acknowledged. Importance of entertainment news is doubted by many, but media experts understand that people are quite interested in knowing what is going on in the lives of popular people, people they love and people they idolise.