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World news

World news, also known as foreign coverage, covers events happening abroad. Topics regarding foreign countries or global issues are covered under this category. It has an impact on the audience across the globe and appeals to the general population. Popularity of world issues can be attributed to the fact that the reported events have a wide or deep impact on the lives of average people.

From politics to sports, all kinds of global events are covered in world news. It is basically a blend of informational and impactful events the effects of which are felt wide and far. The tone of world news is completely formal and it is written hard. World news reporting is not gory or gross as it involves serious global concerns.

Political events are always placed high on the priority list when reporting world news. Stories involving governmental and administrative issues of foreign countries remain popular among the readers, mainly because of their controversial nature. Such a story is also important as thepolitical decisions have a greater impact on people.

Another popular type of news covered under world news category is business. News regarding economy and stocks affect people across the world and hence are covered under world news. Niche topics like health, science and technology often features as world news. Crime is sometimes reported under the same category only if it has a global impact, like a terrorist attack anywhere in the world will impact across the globe.

Entertainment and celebrity stories are generally not reported under world news just because of their non-serious nature. World news reporting has become easier with technological advancement as the internet and other communication channels make the spreading of published stories easy.

However, some 400 years back, in the West and Central Europe, news was actually foreign, mainly brought by merchants who travelled to other nations. With the discovery of the telegraph in 19th century, gathering world news became easier. It was this time that gave birth to news agencies like Reuters and the AP.

These agencies supplied and are still supplying world news reports to corporate organizations in the form of hard stories and feature articles. Nowadays news writers’ use distance communication technologies, such as telephones, TV or the internet for researching the world news.