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Birmingham house fire in Springfield kills woman, teen battles with 70% burns

Written on:April 17, 2023
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The West Midlands police is scrutinising the cause of the Springfield home fire in Birmingham

A fire, which raced through a terraced home in Birmingham in Springfield, has led to the death of a female, with five other persons sustaining wounds. The Birmingham home fire has sent a 16-year-old girl to the hospital as she experienced 70% burns to her body. A 26-year-old woman is also in a grave medical condition because of the Springfield house fire after experiencing 50% burns to her arms, legs and back. Another female, who fled the Springfield house blaze by reportedly jumping from a window, endured pelvic, neck, shoulder and leg injuries. Emergency services were summoned to the site in Cateswell Road, Springfield, at around 5 am on Wednesday where a woman was declared deceased at the scene.

As per a spokeswoman for West Midlands Ambulance Services, four ambulances were transported to the site of the Birmingham home blaze with paramedical personnel, a trauma physician and a hazardous response squad. The medical crew detected the fire service personnel combating a massive house fire upon their arrival at the site. A spokesman for the West Midlands police has informed that the reason behind the Springfield home fire is unknown yet. Police officers are cooperating with the fire service to calm the situation and to find out more information about the blaze.

The teenage girl, affected by the Springfield house blaze, was anesthetised in order to steady her state and was transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham to be remedied. Meanwhile, a fourth female experienced minor leg and shoulder wounds due to the Birmingham home fire while a man, in his 50s, suffered minor burns in his hands and face.

The two residences, either side of the Springfield house fire, were emptied during the inferno. The West Midlands Fire Service has announced that up to 25 firefighters combated the Springfield house fire. The statistics, regarding the persons injured by the Birmingham home blaze, were provided by the ambulance service spokesperson.

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