Bali Drugs Haul: Rachel Dougall unwell and hospitalised

Written on:June 1, 2023
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Bali drug case suspect hospitalised

Rachel Dougall, one of the British women arrested in Bali over a cocaine haul worth £1.6m, has been hospitalised after she complained of illness.

Dougall and Julian Ponder – who are believed to be a couple with a six-year-old daughter, Kitty – were held along with Paul Beales after British housewife Lindsay Sandiford was caught allegedly trying to smuggle 4.8 kg of cocaine into Bali.

Dougall informed the BBC’s correspondent in Indonesia that she was suffering from insomnia and had not slept or eaten for days. She added she was given a sedative on arrival at hospital, and that she had been treated ‘badly’ by the authorities.

The Indonesian authorities have said the four accused could face the death penalty if found guilty. However, reports have suggested that Sandiford – who is originally from Redcar – may be spared the sentence after helping police catch the other suspects.

Julian Ponder’s defence lawyer told ITV News that his client was told Sandiford was delivering a gift for Kitty’s sixth birthday. He affirmed, ‘Julian Ponder believes 100 per cent that he was trapped by Lindsay.’ The lawyer added that Ponder said he neither accepted nor touched the package, allegedly containing cocaine.

The couple’s daughter is reportedly being cared for by Dougall and Ponder’s maid and gardener. A Foreign Office spokesperson confirmed British officials were helping both the couple and the little girl.

Bali Drugs Haul: Brit woman held for smuggling cocaine

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