Can we have a flavour of the Royal Flora, please?

Written on:July 3, 2023
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Charity offers Royal Seeds to public

Now Brits can recreate the Royal Garden at their backyards as seeds of plants, trees and flowers from the Buckingham Palace garden are made available to the public at a flower exhibition run by a plant conservation charity.

The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is different from similar shows because it is offering commoners a rare collection of seeds from the flora that adorn the country’s most iconic landmark, Buckingham Palace.

The secret to rebuild a patch of the Royal Garden is simple: people just need to donate a nominal amount of £1 to grab 11 varieties of seeds that include poppies, acer trees and upright ginger. The venue to be present at this weekend is Plant Heritage’s Seed Shop at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

“Some (of the seeds) are quite specialist and some of them are fairly commonplace, like the poppy, but then a lot of people just like to have a plant and say that it’s come through from Buckingham Palace”, said Janet Wright of the Hampton Court Palace.

The charity began handing out seeds of various rare and exotic plants five years ago, and now for the first time it has ventured into the Royal Property to give people a chance of their lifetime to grow the same flowers that bloom in the Buckingham Palace garden.

Expressing enthusiasm that nature lovers will espouse the idea gleefully, Wright said the exhibition gives people a very real opportunity to “copy some of the plant combinations and the perennials that are growing there (in the Buckingham Palace Garden)”.

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