The Royal couple, Camilla and Charles, visit Scilly

Written on:July 4, 2023
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The Royal couple visits Scilly

The Royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, have visited Scilly for the second time in three years.

At first, it was not certain if the couple could make the short helicopter ride as due to thick fog public flights to ST Mary’s from the mainland were cancelled. But the Duke and the Duchess landed safely 45 minutes later than scheduled.

The visit enabled Dr Heike Dorn, who has worked as a vet on the islands for six years, to show around the Duchess of Cornwall, a well-known animal lover. “It was a lovely, lovely visit. We talked about what kind of animals I look after, which is quite a wide variety, and she also met my dog, Padme, who she liked very much,” exclaimed the Doctor.

The Isles of Scilly Veterinary Support Group (IOSVSG) was formed in 2007 and included a grant from the Local Action Group and donations from the Duke of Cornwall Benevolent fund. The duchess expressed her wish to make the final payment for the building and equipment.

The couple visited the veterinary surgery after they opened the £14m Five Islands School. Later the Royal couple got into a boat from St Mary’s to Bryher. This was the Duchess’ first visit to Bryher. The Duke had visited Bryher last in 2006.

At first stop they visited the Sussex gig shed. There they met members of the well-established and much-loved Tresco and Bryher Gig Club. The couple finally visited the new Bryher Shop and Post Office, an art gallery and community centre.

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