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Jack Whitehall’s Queen joke to not take away NTA presenter’s job from him

Written on:January 4, 2024
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Supporters of Jack Whitehall have said that his critics should lighten up and not be too touchy over the Queen joke

Jack Whitehall’s Queen joke at the Big Fat Quiz Of The Year show, which triggered speculation that the comedian is to be dropped as a presenter at this month’s National TV awards (NTA), has now led to a clarification from the awards’ executive producer, who has voiced that Jack Whitehall would remain a component of the National TV awards.

Executive producer Kim Turbeville castigated the speculation surrounding Jack Whitehall’s future at the National TV awards following Jack Whitehall’s Queen joke on Sunday at the Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, which was regarded by some viewers as dishonouring the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Kim Turbeville has voiced that the speculative reports, pertaining to Jack Whitehall’s future at the National TV awards, were spurious. There has been no crisis conference over Jack Whitehall’s invitation to present an award at the National TV awards. As per Kim Turbeville, the organisers of the awards ceremony were looking forward to welcoming him on January 23 for their live show.

The speculative reports concerning Jack Whitehall stated that the funnyman was going to be offered a chance to withdraw from the National TV awards amid apprehensions that it would further fuel the scandal engulfing the Channel 4 show.

Controversy over Big Fat Quiz of the Year erupted after James Corden and fellow comedian Jack Whitehall were eyed gulping wine and cracking a sequence of vulgar jokes about the British monarch and her family, about US President Barack Obama, singer Susan Boyle and other public personalities.

Jack Whitehall’s Queen Elizabeth joke was characterised by its sexual crudeness as the comedian quipped that the Queen was standing throughout her Diamond Jubilee celebrations as Prince Philip had been hospitalised with a bladder infection.

Reportedly, Ofcom has obtained 80 complaints about the Queen joke at the Big Fat Quiz Of The Year show, which is scheduled to be repeated on Wednesday evening.

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  1. Isabel says:

    Rightly so… a senseless joke from him about the monarch shouldn’t give him such a punishment…

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