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Marie Reid rapist, murderer Jay Soso sentenced to 12 years

Written on:August 29, 2023
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Rapist and murderer Jay Soso is finally convicted

Justice came to the fore when an 18-year-old teenager Jay Soso who had raped and killed a 63-year-old neighbour Marie Reid two years ago at her home, has been sentenced to a 12-year imprisonment.

Marie Reid, who treated Soso ‘like a grandson’, was found lying dead in a sofa in blood-stained clothes, four days after the tragedy. Police were initially not suspicious of her death but later when her family raised concerns, a post-mortem was carried out which revealed the truth.

Now 20, Soso has been sentenced to a 12-year imprisonment today after pleading guilty at the Edinburgh High Court at a previous hearing. The judge also ordered for a supervision of five years after he is released from jail.

On November 15, 2010, housing support officers entered Marie Reid’s home in Easter Drylaw Way after neighbours raised concerns of not having seen her for four days, only to find her body in the lounge. Autopsy revealed that she was raped and killed four days earlier. DNA test revealed Soso guilty of the crime.

Soso lived next door with his mother. In early 2008, he had moved out with his family to Hrtlepool only to return to Edinburgh in June 2008 and settle in Drylaw area. At the time of the crime, he was single and worked as a local fishmonger.

Reid’s health was vulnerable like that of an 80-year-old and she suffered from multiple heath issues. Reid’s husband said Soso even offered his condolences to the family shortly after his wife’s body was found. “Now for me, knowing that he shook my hand and gave me condolences, that makes me even more angry towards him”, he said.

Soso accepted full responsibility of the crime but the untimely death of Marie Reid has left her family distraught, leading them to live with the consequences of the act committed forever.

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