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Met Office weather forecast: Russian snow bouts set to chill UK

Written on:February 25, 2024
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The legendary Angel of the North sculpture in Gateshead was surrounded by snowy fields

The Met Office weather forecast for the entire week consists of more snow and below average temperatures, with the entire nation expected to experience the chill as bouts of snow drift in from Russia. The northwestern portion of Scotland may experience slightly brighter weather in patches and temperatures of 4C, as per the Met Office UK weather forecast.

The UK weather, over the weekend, contained temperatures of -4C in northern England. Numerous inches of snow adorned the eastern coast, blown in by the so-called ‘Beast from the East’ weather system. The UK weather, forecast for the coming week, by the Met Office, predicts continuation of the Arctic weather, even into March. The Met Office weather forecast for the UK says that the changing of the seasons will be greeted with frosts and snow bouts.

The Met Office regards March 1 as the first day of the spring. The Met Office weather forecast cautioned that there could be more of the snowiness, which struck the east of the nation over the weekend. The temperature hovered just above freezing in most zones.

The Met Office UK weather forecast for Monday predicts more snowiness across England and Wales, with zones of high ground, especially in the southeast, most in peril. Temperatures will be somewhat warmer, with highs of 7C in the north and 6C in the south. However, what will make the British people feel colder than the actual weather are high winds from the east. The temperature will feel more like -1C or -2C.

The Met Office weather forecast for the North for Tuesday consists of dryness with sunny spells, with a high of 8C and a low of -4C. The Met Office UK weather forecast for the South for Tuesday contains cloudiness with reasonable drizzle. There is likely to be a high of 6C and a low of 0C.

Meanwhile, on Monday morning, snowy fields engulfed the iconic Angel of the North sculpture in Gateshead. Also, on Monday, the railway tracks at Tanfield Railway in County Durham were laden with snow. Snowdon in northern Wales was loaded with snowiness on Monday morning.

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  1. Dale says:

    really looking forward to less cold weather…

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