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Met Office weather forecast: Scotland, north England likely to get 8in snow

Written on:March 18, 2023
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The ongoing snowy weather in Durham has led to lengthy traffic tailbacks

The Met Office weather forecast reveals a yellow warning for Monday and Tuesday, with the weather agency predicting another cold snap. Portions of the nation are expected to encounter more snow and frigid temperatures. Scotland and northern England are likely to experience up to 20cm (eight inches) of snow, which would build up from Monday into Wednesday morning. The Met Office weather forecast has projected the plunging of temperatures to as low as -15C overnight. Zones, expected to be struck the hardest by snowfall, are the Grampians, eastern portions of the Southern Uplands, the Lake District and the Pennines.

Meanwhile, the ongoing weather in UK, laden with snow, has led to flights, in and out of Leeds-Bradford Airport, being stopped for a short time on Monday morning. The area experienced nearly 3cm of snow. The degree of the snowfall was such that the passengers were requested to check with their airline or tour operators before journeying to the airport.

Intense snowfall has also led to the closure of the A66 across the Pennines between County Durham, Bowes, Stainmore and Cumbria. A Durham Police spokeswoman has remarked that the snowy weather has caused gridlocks of traffic.

In accordance with Sky News weather presenter, Isobel Lang, the wintry climate will continue even as the spring equinox happens. She predicted that snowiness and lusty, frigid east coast winds would cause chaos across eastern Scotland on Monday and into Tuesday.

The Sky News weather presenter’s forecast also talked of drier, clearer climate midweek, which will cause some extensive sharp frostiness.

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