Airline blunder: Foreign nationals skip security checks at Newcastle Airport

Written on:June 22, 2023
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Blunder: Passengers bypass immigration (Image courtesy: Adrian Lindley)

Passengers flying into Newcastle Airport were allowed through the airport without security or passport checks though immigration control because of a budget airline blunder.

A group of passengers flying from Prague, in the Czech Republic, were allowed into the North East without passing though border controls, before the error was noticed. Jet2, which operated the flight on May 27 from the Czech Republic, has been investigating the case.

An investigation into the case was launched after an airline worker wrongly directed the Eastern Europeans towards domestic arrivals, suggesting that UK Border Agency officers were unable conduct security checks on people who had already entered the country.

“I can confirm that customers for the flight LS510 arriving into Newcastle from Prague on the 27th May were initially routed through the domestic arrivals gate before the error was noticed”, said an airline spokeswoman.

“The customers concerned were quickly redirected through the international arrivals area but unfortunately a number of passengers passed by border control before the error was rectified”, she added.

The airline spokeswoman clarified that is seriously considering this issue and they have suspended the members of staff. She further added that full investigation of the incident is pending and they have started training the staff at Newcastle.

A spokeswoman for Newcastle Airport said, “On this occasion, we have no comment.”

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  1. Carlho says:

    what the heck? how can the staff at an international airport make such a catastrophic blunder? We could have had a terror group hijacking the airliner because of this lapse? WAKE UP!!!

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