Leveson inquiry: Brooks appears candid while Cameron promises full co-operation

Written on:May 11, 2023
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Cameron not afraid to speak the truth (Image courtesy of Nick Atkins Photography)

Prime Minister David Cameron assures that he will “co-operate fully” with the Leveson inquiry panel and is prepared to provide complete evidence, including the text messages he and former News International CEO Rebekah Brooks shared between each other, if he is asked to do so.

However, Brooks told the jury today that she does not retain possession of the emails because her work email account was blocked following her resignation from News International in 2011. She also denied receiving any text from the Prime Minister that read: “keep your head up” after she left the News of the World in the aftermath of the phone-hacking scandal.

Brooks today told the inquiry that other than the Prime Minister, top political figures from Number 10, Number 11, the Home Office and the Foreign Office sent her text messages after she resigned, expressing their sympathy in an ‘indirect’ way.

“I had some indirect messages from some politicians but nothing direct”, she said, revealing that Tony Blair, “some Tories a couple of Labour politicians” were also amongst the senders.

In a very intriguing confession, Brooks said she couldn’t open one of the texts she received from David Cameron as the message was compressed and possibly encoded.

Under the circumstances, David Cameron is expected to submit complete evidence before Lord Justice Leveson, even though it is not yet clear whether or not the jury will push the matter aggressively following a precedent laid down by the Iraq Inquiry forbidding the judiciary to examine Tony Blair’s personal email and text correspondences.

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