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Sun journalist arrested by UK police in ‘stolen cellphone plot’

Written on:August 1, 2023
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The Sun ... third journalist of the tabloid arrested by British police!

The British police have arrested a journalist belonging to The Sun tabloid for the recent data gathering from stolen mobile phones case.

Britain’s best-selling newspaper had to face embarrassment again with the recent journalist arrest, as the 37-year old became the third person belonging to The Sun. The man was bailed later on Tuesday after being arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods, making this a second arrest in the last few days.

Scotland Yard said in a statement, “The arrest relates to a suspected conspiracy involving the gathering of data from stolen mobile phones and he was held on suspicion of handling stolen goods.” A News International, the British newspaper arm of Murdoch’s US-based News Corporation empire which runs The Sun, spokeswoman said the man a Sun journalist.

The phone-hacking scandal at News of the World, The Sun’s sister newspaper, is being probed by the police and investigating agencies and the recent arrest is the ninth arrest under the Operation Tuleta. Another journalist was arrested on Monday and was identified as Nick Parker, The Sun’s chief foreign correspondent while another Sun reporter Rhodri Phillips was arrested on July 19 over similar allegations.

Three investigations have been aimed at the phone-hacking scandal and Murdoch has closed down the News of the World in July 2011 when news of vast spread phone hacking spread like wildfire. It had emerged that voicemails of several people were hacked including the murdered schoolgirl. Nine arrests have been made so far and investigations continue to reveal the depth of the scandal that shook Britain in 2011.


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