Swindon toddler undergoes surgery after face ripped apart by dog

Written on:June 5, 2023
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Staffordshire bull terriers are not listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act

Keiron Guess, the boy who was mauled by a Staffordshire bull terrier during the Diamond Jubilee street party, has undergone surgery as one of his ears and part of his nose were torn off by the violent attack.

Police informed that the little boy’s parents, mother Stacey, 22 and father Anthony, 23 were at his bedside at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. The child’s 49-year-old grandfather Dave Guess also suffered an injury to his arm while trying to fight the dog off his grandson at the terraced house in Swanage Walk, Swindon.

The toddler’s another grandfather, Shaun Leonard told The Sun that the boy had been disfigured by the attack. “The dog bit off most of his nose. His left eye was hanging out”, Leonard described.

The doctors have tried their best to stitch together the almost disfigured face and put him in an induced coma after the surgery was over. The boy was described as “stable” following the surgery.

Keiron was reportedly mauled by the same dog that attacked a police officer during an operation last year. Last night, as per police confirmation, owner Garfield King had handed the dog over to be destroyed. He also owns another dog of the same breed which is reportedly not listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act.

King recalled, “I was watching the Jubilee on the television then all of a sudden the dog went outside. I heard squeaking. I thought the neighbours had thrown a dolly over the fence but then I saw it wasn’t a dolly because I saw all the blood. I had to run out and separate the dog from the little baby. I’m still in shock now.”

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee street party turns deadly as dogs maul boy

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