Six terror suspects detained in London

Written on:July 5, 2023
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Are terror threats looming large over London?

In an intelligence-led move involving MI5, Metropolitan police have nabbed six terror suspects from London early on Thursday.

Amid speculations that the arrest could be a part of heightened security measures ahead of the 2012 London Olympics starting from July 27, police has said the suspects - five men and one woman - were detained for interrogation over their suspicious activities unrelated to the Games.

It is understood that the arrests are connected with a possible terror plot involving UK targets and that the suspects are linked to Islamic extremists operating globally.

Police, now combing eight residential areas across north, east and west London and one business centre in the eastern part of the city, said one of the six persons was Tasered. Metropolitan police had long been keeping the suspects under surveillance before they decided to move in on Thursday to ensure public safety, a source has indicated.

Though details about the arrest are yet to be made public, police said the six people were netted for their alleged involvement in commissioning and instigating “acts of terrorism”.

The suspects - aged between 18 and 30 years - were possibly hatching a potentially dangerous plot against the country, suggested security experts. Police, however, has ruled out suspicion that Britain is under threat of any imminent terror strike.

In a separate incident, police sealed both ends of the M6 motorway in Birmingham after coming to know about a man behaving suspiciously on a coach en route to London from Preston. It was later confirmed that the Birmingham incident was not linked to the arrests made in London.

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  1. magsm says:

    Better safe than sorry, don’t need any further wars or bombings in the UK. Always good to have the police stop and search rather than leave things to chance.

  2. KK.656 says:

    I think this is just pure paranoaia. Why do we read this stuff?

  3. joew says:

    more terrorists. what a surprise.

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