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Andrew Strauss mulls career shift to politics

Written on:August 30, 2023
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From Lord’s to the Commons?…Andrew Strauss to begin new innings (Image Courtesy: Freedom Bay)

After a dignified departure from the cricketing world yesterday, English cricket’s ex-captain Andrew Strauss is mulling over moving into politics to become a Tory MP joining the Commons.

The left-hand opener left the rumour mills spinning overtime yesterday with the news that the Conservative supporter and fund-raiser might take up a career in politics.

The Tories were extremely delighted to have him as an MP. “He’s been hugely successful as England captain and he’d be equally so if he goes into politics”, said a source. However, insiders of the party suggest that Strauss could only be projected as Tory candidate for November’s by-election in Corby.

Displaying his old-fashioned values, the final act of the English captain was to write a vote of thanks letter to his teammates instead of tweeting or text messaging.

The captain’s statement declaring his decision to retire included these simple words, “It’s one of these decisions where you just know in your heart when the time is up. I knew that probably before the South Africa series started and certainly by the end of the series I was fairly clear in my mind.”

Strauss’ retirement was eclipsed with controversial messages that were exchanged in the team in the past few weeks which included Kevin Petersen take pot shots at the English captain using African slang while referring to Strauss, causing an international furore.

While Strauss made sure that the controversy was nowhere mentioned in his retirement speech, the question ‘why?’ still haunted him due to the timing he chose to leave the game.

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