Six British soldiers missing after Afghanistan blast

Written on:March 7, 2024
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According to the Defence Ministry report six British soldiers are missing, feared dead, after an explosion in the Helmand area of southern Afghanistan.

If the soldiers are confirmed dead, the number of UK service personnel killed in Afghanistan since 2001 will have reach 404. The group, which is believed to be killed after its armoured vehicle was hit by an explosion while on patrol, included five soldiers from the 3rd Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment and one from the 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment.

The incident will become the biggest single loss of life for British troops in Afghanistan since 2006, when Nimrod crash killed 14 service personnel. “I utterly condemn those responsible for this incident who will ultimately fail to derail a mission that is protecting our national security at home and making real progress in Helmand Province,” said Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.

Despite bad weather conditions, recovery teams are working but have not yet been able to reach the vehicle that is believed to have caught fire after the blast. Although deaths of the soldiers have not yet been officially confirmed, but their families have been told to expect the worst.

Comforting the families of soldiers, Philip Hammond said, “My thoughts are with the families and friends of the six soldiers who are missing, believed killed and also with their colleagues, both in Afghanistan and the UK, whose brave work continues or is about to start. “

Profoundly depressed by the news, Chief of Defence Staff General Sir David Richards said ‘This campaign has seen many personal tragedies and we owe it to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to recognise that their courage and skill is visible in the ever more capable Afghan Army and Police.”

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