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X Factor’s Jahmene Douglas wants to win for mum and Women’s Aid charity

Written on:December 5, 2023
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Jahmene Douglas has said he would support Women’s Aid if he wins X Factor 2012

Jahmene Douglas, X Factor 2012 finalist, has voiced that his mother, Mandy Wood, would receive hope if he wins the title of the singing competition, and his win would help him contribute to Women’s Aid, which is a charity for which his mother functions.

As per 21-year-old Jahmene Douglas, a triumph for him in X Factor 2012 would provide his mother with the hope that she has always required to move on from the horrendous events in her past. To see Jahmene Douglas as the X Factor 2012 winner would alter his mother’s life positively, voiced the son poignantly.

The ex-supermarket worker has previously mentioned about the ghastly physical abuse that his mother experienced at the hands of his father, Eustace. Jahmene Douglas has elaborated the mistreatment, which his mother experienced, expressing that she had been knifed and dragged by his father through the hallway nude by her hair.

Jahmene Douglas’s Dad threatened to murder his children in front of their mother. The memories of his battered mother having swollen eyes, missing hair and physical burn marks haven’t left his mind, voiced Jahmene Douglas, whose elder brother, Daniel, was so traumatised by his father’s abusiveness that he committed suicide.

The X Factor star has remarked that his childhood was a hellish experience for him and for his two brothers and sister, who lived in morbid fear of their abusive father. Daniel, Jahmene and his other siblings also obtained battering from their father. Jahmene expressed that he was unable to help his mother in any way against the abusiveness of his father.

Meanwhile, Jahmene Douglas will visit Swindon on Wednesday with Nicole Scherzinger, the X Factor 2012 judge and his mentor. Jahmene Douglas and Nicole Scherzinger will perform together as well as turn on the Christmas lights in the Wiltshire town.

Jahmene Douglas will compete against James Arthur and Christopher Maloney in the X Factor 2012 final this weekend. Meanwhile, the boy band, Union J, which exited X Factor 2012 in the semifinal stage, has backed him to win the singing show.


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