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‘One Pound Fish’ Shahid Nazir deported to Pakistan, return to UK uncertain

Written on:December 24, 2023
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‘One Pound Fish’ garnered 4 million viewers on YouTube

‘One Pound Fish’ singer Shahid Nazir, who just bagged a recording deal in the UK, was deported from the country to his native Pakistan, after his visa expired. Shahid Nazir, whose song ‘One Pound Fish’ attracted four million hits on YouTube, will reach Pakistan on December 27, while his return to the UK remains uncertain.

The UK immigration officials have told the ‘One Pound Fish’ singer to sort out paperwork if he wanted to return to the UK to establish himself in the country as a full-time performer. Shahid Nazir, wrote the sensational song at Upton Park market, where he is a fishmonger.

Shahid Nazir worked as a fishmonger at Upton Park market in East London for eight years, where he became popular for his ‘One Pound Fish’ song. Many visitors to the market would hear him and request him to sing the catchy tune. Eventually, Shahid Nazir decided to release the song with the help of giant music label, Warner Music and his manager Raj Roma.

The ‘One Pound Fish’ singer’s family, which includes his wife and four children, stays in Pakistan while he works as a fishmonger in London. Hailing from a small village called Pattoki near Lahore in Pakistan, his accomplishment has made his people proud, Shahid Nazir said.

Meanwhile, ‘One Pound Fish’ is in the running to be the UK’s Christmas number one music single. Shahid Nazir’s popularity saw him appear on this year’s X Factor. About bagging the recording deal, Shahid Nazir had said, “I could see the track got everybody hooked but as much as it’s about the song it’s about the endearing human story behind it.”

Shahid Nazir said he would apply for work visa in hope of returning to the UK to fulfill his ‘London dream’ as he puts it.

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  1. Will says:

    Its quite cool. He should do more of this stuff.

  2. Angie says:

    Hope his ‘London dream’ comes true

  3. Andrew says:

    From rags to riches with one song! Remarkable! This man deserves a second chance.

  4. Jake says:

    Is this another Gangnam Style? I like it. Hope he comes back soon.

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