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Kate Middleton nude pictures rigmarole: Paying a price for being the Royal?

Written on:September 21, 2023
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Kate and William granted injunction by French court

Meanwhile, Mondadori media group which owns Closer and Italian Chi magazine, was asking for more trouble as Chi declared to publish a 26-page edition of Kate’s nude photos. Chi went on to publish 18 explicit photos of Kate spread over 19 pages, with its editor Alfonso Signorini, dauntlessly tweeting that “not even a direct call from the Queen” would stop him.

September 18: Relief emerges for the Kate Middleton and Prince William as they are granted injunction from a French court, along with damages worth £4,034 and bringing a ban on Closer magazine.

September 20: Just when the Royals thought it was all over, another sensation-seeking magazine Se & Hoer announced plans to publish more nude photos of Kate Middleton. The Danish magazine expressed intention to print a 16-page supplement of the Duchess. The Royal couple considers options to put an end to the rigmarole.

September 21: A French paparazzi photographer Pascal Rostain claims that the naked pictures of Kate Middleton were taken by a British photographer who was a French dweller, specifically sent to capture topless Kate.

While the publications fearlessly dodged the privacy concerns of the Royal couple, it remains to be seen how the Royals will tackle the issue. Are they paying a price for being what they are? Should the Royals prosecute the British photographer for breaching their privacy? Should William and Kate consider further legal action?

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