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Michelle Keegan topless picture causes stir on Twitter, star denies its her

Written on:April 5, 2023
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Michelle Keegan’s topless picture makes a splash on social networking sites

Michelle Keegan topless picture on Twitter and Instagram has caused quite a stir forcing the Coronation Street star to clarify that it was not her picture. After Michelle Keegan topless picture which showed a pair of soapy boobs went viral, the star insisted that a friend stole her password. The photo went viral moments after she told fans she was enjoying a bubbly bath.

A racy picture of a pair of boobs submerged in bath water and covered in bubbles appeared on Michelle Keegan’s Instagram page last night before swiftly being deleted just six seconds later. But Twitter ‘watchdogs’ had already spotted the alleged Michelle Keegan’s topless picture and retweeted hundreds of times. The prank by one of her pal must have made Mark Wright’s heart slip for a while! As soon as Michelle Keegan noticed her fans retweeting on the topless picture, the star tweeted: ”Phahahahahahahahaha @hmonners I’m gonna absolutely KILL u!!!! I’m CHANGING MY PASSWORD!! #touché u gave as good a u got! ”

Disappointment flooded following the confirmation as fans tweeted Michelle Keegan, saying,”@michkeegan worst news ive had in a long time finding out they didnt belong to you #gutted.” Another fan tweeted, “I love how chilled you’re being about this Mich, only you xx.” Michelle Keegan seemed quite relaxed about the topless prank played out which fooled her fans before luring them on to her Twitter page.

Earlier in the day, Michelle Keegan had posted a snap of her from her dressing room on Instagram showing off a brand new fringe. Asking fans for their opinion, Michelle Keegan added, “To fringe or not to fringe…thats the question??”

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