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Queen’s Christmas Day address to pay tribute to British Olympic, Paralympic stars

Written on:December 24, 2023
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Queen Elizabeth, as per her aides, has readily accepted the idea of her Christmas Day address being a 3D one

The details of the Queen’s Christmas Day address, to be broadcast in 3D the first time, have been publicised, with Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Day broadcast going to consist of a homage to the country’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The monarch will also pay tribute to a summer replete with excitement and drama.

2012 has certainly been a rather eventful and terrific year for the royal family, with marvelous experiences like the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the London 2012 Olympics and the recent news of the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge. Nonetheless, there was one rather mortifying phase for the monarchy, when Kate Middleton’s topless photographs were published in a French magazine.

The Queen’s Christmas Day speech will consist of utterances about a spirit of togetherness, service and achievements. The Queen’s Christmas Day address will laud the British athletes at the London Olympics and Paralympic Games for their accomplishments and bravery. She will allude to London hosting a magnificent summer of sporting events, during which the people were motivated by the skillfulness, discipline and teamwork of the British sportspersons, the Queen will voice.

In accordance with Queen Elizabeth’s aides, the monarch had embraced the idea of her Christmas Day speech being delivered in 3D technology. Queen Elizabeth reportedly believed that the 3D broadcast was lovely.

Royal convention will be broken this year as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will not be joining the remainder of the royal family at Sandringham on Christmas Day. The couple will be spending time at the Middleton family home in Berkshire.

Several well-wishers congregated outside the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, on Norfolk’s Sandringham estate, expressed worry at the Queen’s nonappearance at Sunday’s royal service there, which was led by the Duke of Edinburgh, who arrived walking for the service. But a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman has said the Queen is shaking off a cold and wishes to be back to normal business for Christmas.

Meanwhile, PM David Cameron’s Christmas Day message has alluded to the New Testament Gospel of John while requesting the public to not forget the sacrifices of emergency services and British troops.

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