Ping Pong documentary to feature above 80 table-tennis players

Written on:July 2, 2023
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Ping Pong will feature eight veteran table-tennis players

Terry Donlon, 83 and Les D’Arcy 91 are two of eight veteran table-tennis players who appear in a new documentary, Ping Pong, following the course of the previous world championships, held in China two years ago.

Ping Pong will have its London premiere this week, and will also be shown at special screenings in care homes around Britain.

Donlon, grew up in an orphanage and during the war served as a projectionist in the RAF. He, already a keen runner, was challenged by a colleague to a game of table tennis at the bus factory where he was working. Donlon declared he wouldn’t play “that girls’ game”. However he played, gradually loved the game, and in 1959 began playing in the table tennis premier league.

D’Arcy, on the other hand, lives alone in Wakefield and is known for his weightlifting and poetry. He is also a born raconteur. Last year, “for a change” he visited California for an athletics tournament. He competed in shot, discus, hammer and quite unbelievable as it is in a high jump. He injured his arm and elbow as he attempted a Fosbury Flop.

D’Arcy and Donlon first met each other at a veterans’ tournament (“veterans” start at 40) in the 1970s. “I played Les and he couldn’t stop getting nets and edges,” recalled Donlon. “Takes a great deal of skill,” says D’Arcy. “I was really fed up,” added Donlon.

In recent years, the two friends have travelled all over the world to play in tournaments and world championships.

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  1. Caleb says:

    Three cheers for the two men’s enthusiasm!

  2. Varlea says:

    Oh how nice..bravo Donlon and D’Arcy

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