Alex Salmond questions Cameron’s sincerity over EU referendum

Written on:July 3, 2023
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Are Alex Salmond and David Cameron in a mood to exchange pleasantries? (Image courtesy: Scottish Government)

David Cameron’s decision to postpone a referendum on Brussels until the next general election has irked Alex Salmond, who accused the Prime Minister of showing fake enthusiasm over the matter.

Addressing the House of Commons on Monday, David Cameron said Brits should give “fresh consent” for joining the EU and a referendum can be made once the eurozone crisis is resolved.

Cameron is believed to have conditioned Alex Salmond’s power to intervene in the vote, which has not gone down well with the SNP leader. The Prime Minister reportedly said the unilateral decision on Brussels would only be made once Salmond nods to a single, straight proposal for independence.

“He (David Cameron) is suggesting an EU poll without any definition of what the question would be, at a time hitherto to be specified for which he has no electoral mandate whatsoever, while at the same time threatening to obstruct a Scottish poll for which there is a clear mandate and timetable”, the Scottish First Minister reacted.

Cameron has failed to deal with an important issue for the country promptly while “threatening to obstruct” the SNP-led move for the vote in Scotland, which Salmond believed amounts to “double dealing and doublethink”.

The SNP boss also observed “contradictions” in the PM’s statement, asserting that the sincerity in his (Cameron’s) attitude toward Scottish separation is questionable.

However, Scottish Tories have picked apart Salmond’s statement on Britain’s EU policies, saying that the First Minister should stop raising trivial objections and better concentrate on matters of domestic interest.

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  1. Murreay says:

    Cameron is a fake man…lots of promises no work

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