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Reg Traviss rape case: Amy Winehouse’s boyfriend claims sex was consensual

Written on:December 11, 2023
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Reg Traviss was in a relationship with Amy Winehouse when she died

Film director, Reg Traviss, who was in a romantic relationship with the singer, Amy Winehouse, when she passed away, has been accused of raping a female friend twice as she took him out to soothe his grief over the demise of Amy Winehouse.

The Southwark Crown Court has been told by the alleged rape victim of 35-year-old Reg Traviss that he sexually attacked her twice following a night out involving immense alcoholism. The alleged victim has voiced to the Southwark Crown Court that she met up with Reg Traviss last December to present her support to him after Amy Winehouse died six months earlier.

As per the alleged victim, who can’t be named yet, she and Reg Traviss subsequently journeyed to three bars in London on December 30, 2011. By the time she travelled to Reg Traviss’ Marylebone flat, she was hardly able to stand. In accordance with the woman, hours later, she got up in the bed of Reg Traviss only to see him raping her.

The alleged victim mentioned to the Southwark Crown Court that Reg Traviss stopped raping her when she ordered him to do so. However, she became unconscious again, only to wake up hours later to witness the Reg Traviss raping her again.

The purported victim asserted to the Court that she was fatigued and had a hazy understanding of what was happening to her. It was claimed in the Court that Reg Traviss told his victim that he was going to keep her underwear.

Reg Traviss has repudiated the two counts of rape against him, expressing that his sexual act with the woman in question was consensual. The woman is believed to be his friend of five years and a fashion designer.

Amy Winehouse, famous for her profound contralto vocals and her assortment of musical genres like jazz, R&B and soul, died in July 2011 of alcohol poisoning, which saddened her aficionados.

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  1. Isaac says:

    The story is frightening..full of dirt

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