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£64m lottery ticket still unclaimed, deadline to claim prize 11pm tonight

Written on:December 5, 2023
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Hertfordshire residents are scrambling for the winning lottery ticket worth £64m (Image Courtesy: Magnus D)

The biggest ever EuroMillions lottery ticket draw in the UK worth £64m ($101m), that was bought in Stevenage and Hitchin area of Herfordshire on June 8, will go into charity if not claimed by the winner by 23:00 GMT tonight.

The EuroMillions lottery ticket for the June 8 draw had winning numbers 5, 11, 22, 34 and 40, with the lucky stars 9 and 11. There were two jackpot winners in the June 8 draw - one in Belgium and one in the UK but the British ticket holder has not come forward nearly six months to claim the lottery prize after the draw was made.

If the holder of the £2 lottery ticket can be found in time, he or she would be entitled to an additional £645,000 of interest on top of the £63,837,543.60 EuroMillions lottery prize.

The provincial towns, in London’s commuter belt, have indulged in a hunting frenzy for the lottery ticket as lottery players search every nook and corner of their homes and even employing helpers in a desperate attempt to find the ticket worth £64m ($101m).

The frenzy caused by the unclaimed lottery prize has led to many speculations. On Stevenage High Street yesterday, most shoppers were sceptical that the ticket holder will come forward, suggesting the ticket has been put in the washing machine or its owner has died.

The whooping lottery prize will enable the winner purchase to 339 houses at the average Stevenage price of £190,000 or s/he can buy more than two million bottles of champagne, right in time for the festive season!

Anyone with the winning lottery ticket for any of the draws within the 180-day deadline should call the National Lottery Line on 0845 910 0000. Prizes that remain unclaimed after 180 days go to the National Lottery Good Causes scheme.

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