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British coach driver dies in French Alps while saving 53 passengers onboard

Written on:April 17, 2023
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Coach driver dies in French Alps

French Alps was witness to the heroic efforts of the slain driver

A British coach driver died in a crash in French Alps during a heroic effort which saved the lives of 53 passengers after the brakes of the bus failed, leaving the driver with no choice but to ram it against a tree on the mountain’s side to avoid going over the cliff edge. The French Alps crash caused instant death of the brave driver. Moments ahead of the tragedy, the 64-year-old driver shouted frantically to the passengers, “The brakes have failed”, before veering the vehicle into a tree to save lives that depended on him. French Alps has been witness to several deaths in the recent past. While a British father and son died during mountaineering last month, the shooting of a British family travelling in a car last year shook the nation.

Investigations into the French Alps coach crash is ongoing. Reports suggest that while 23 passengers were unharmed as most managed to escape the burning wreckage by jumping from windows. UK travel organisation Abta said that the coach consisted of British staff who were on their way home on Tuesday after working for a Brighton-based ski company at Alpe d’Huez and other resorts. Abta said there were two drivers and 51 passengers on board the coach, with the passengers having finished the ski season after working for Skibound Holidays in various resorts across the French Alps.

According to one account of the French Alps coach crash, some passengers flung themselves clear before the coach hit the rocks. Others scrambled to safety. Three had to be cut from the wreckage. Four people who were seriously injured were rushed to hospital. A Skibound spokesman confirmed the casualties saying, “Twenty-nine passengers have been taken to hospitals in the area, four of which are being treated for more serious injuries. The other 23 passengers have escaped injury and are now with police and counsellors in a local hotel.”

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