David Cameron gives priority to Olympic vehicles over daily commuting Londoners

Written on:July 24, 2023
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London Olympic lanes ... to cater to Olympic vehicles! (Image courtesy: dennoir)

British Prime Minister David Cameron has urged Londoners to bear with the transport delays due to grid locks expected to be caused by the heavy flow of Olympic vehicles and competitors.

After the first day of traffic management caused rush-hour chaos, the prime minister office has made it’s message clear – higher priority will be given to the smooth travel of the inbound Olympic vehicles and competitors over the daily commuting London motorists. New lanes leading to Olympic arenas have been painted overnight and traffic lights re-phased to facilitate the smooth travel of Olympic vehicles.

An official spokesman for the prime minister said, ““We have huge numbers of people coming to London to enjoy the Games and that is going to put huge pressure on the transport system. There is going to be disruption and there is going to be an impact on travel times.”

As if the current lanes turned into Olympic routes wasn’t enough to cause inconvenience to Londoners, a dedicated 30 mile Olympic-only lanes will be activated on Wednesday. Motorists have already been hit by confusion and chaos as familiar turns were banned. The networks leading to London from outside the country have already witnessed bumper-to-bumper traffic and bottlenecks will be a common scene inside the city.

Reports of congestion were worst on the A12, A13 and A40 routes with average time of 36 minutes crossing 80 minutes for an average Monday traffic. Two cars smashed and brought the Heathrow link – a key route for Olympics to a standstill.


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