London 2012 Olympics: Military called in to provide security

Written on:July 12, 2023
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Military troops to guard London 2012 Olympics

The government has asked assistance from armed forces to deploy around 3,500 extra troops to guard the London 2012 Olympics, amid concerns that the private security contractor G4S might not be able to supply 10,000 security personnel that it promised.

Around 23,700 security guards will protect the Olympic venues as part of Britain’s biggest peacetime security operation, and 13,500 military personnel have already been earmarked to participate in the programme.

The armed forces are already providing up to 13,500 personnel for the Games, divided between the venues and back-up for police. Under the contingency plans, this could reach 16,500, which is 7,000 more than are being deployed in Afghanistan.

A defence source said that the army units that may be required had been identified and put at a state of shortened readiness. They will be deployed incrementally, as needed, and logistical and training hubs were already being set up to co-ordinate them.

“We have encountered some issues in relation to workforce supply and scheduling over the last couple of weeks, but are resolving these every day and remain committed to providing a security workforce for the start of the London 2012 Games”, a G4S spokesperson said.

The security guards will provide airport-style checks to search and screen spectators, and also check vehicles, such as buses, travelling through the Olympic Park in east London. They will also be responsible for queue management and protecting the perimeters and equipment.

It may be noted that more than 100,000 people applied for the 10,400 temporary jobs in what G4S had described as one of the biggest paid recruitment drives in Britain this century.

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  1. Keith says:

    I don’t understand why can’t things happen on time, its just 15 days to go for olympics and now security is an issue. sad

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