Eva Rausing death mystery: Mother believes flight weakened her heart, causing death

Written on:July 13, 2023
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Eva Rausing flew home before her death

Eva Rausing, the wife of the Tetra Pak heir billionaire Hans Kristian, had left a US drug rehabilitation clinic, days before her death, to fly home to convince her husband to join her and the flight weakened her heart and might be the cause of her death, informed Eva Rausing’s mother, Nancy Kemeny.

Mrs Kemeny said to the the Daily Mail, “They were both going to go to America, both were going to go. Eva was there, she didn’t hear from him, she got worried, she came back home to get him to go back with her. Unfortunately, I think the flying did something with her heart.”

The Standard came up with the information on Wednesday that 48-year-old Eva had a pacemaker fitted and was having blood transfusions to get clean after her near lifetime addiction to Class A drugs.

“She’d never gone back to the doctor after the valve had been replaced as she was supposed to. She just didn’t go,” the mother informed.

She continued, “My son-in-law has been cleared. It was extremely distressing, but we found out from the coroner that they didn’t find anything wrong.She had a heart condition and they found her pacemaker. They were going to use that to identify her but that wasn’t necessary. I think it was this flying back and forth from California to London and back again that may have cost her.”

The son-in-law, the Tetra Pak heir was stopped by officers while driving erratically in Wandsworth and found with Class A drugs in his car. Police then searched the couple’s £50 million Belgravia home and in an upstairs bedroom his wife’s body was found.

Death of Tetra Pak heir’s wife, Eva Rausing, remains mystery
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  1. Hanif, Canterbury says:

    She killed herself, that’s it! all rich people. They live in drugs and all those nonsense.

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