Princess Eugenie graduates from Newcastle University

Written on:July 12, 2023
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The Princess wants to work in the art world (Image courtesy: Featureflash)

Princess Eugenie attended her graduation ceremony at the Newcastle University as she finished an impressive 2:1 in English literature and History of Art.

The Princess, beautifully dressed in a gown and mortar board, looked genuinely happy as she joined the ceremony with fellow students, first in the audience and then on the stage. Prince Andrew, the proud father, and the sister, Princess Beatrice, cheered Eugenie on the occasion, though her mother, Sarah Ferguson was absent.

After the event came to an end, the happy Princess looked back to her “amazing” university experience. “Being up in Newcastle is just amazing. I had so much fun”, exclaimed Eugenie. She added, “Being in a house with seven girls was my highlight because you’d come back and there was always someone cooking, someone to welcome you. That was amazing just being in a house with all these wonderful people.”

A Royal Source reported, the Graduate Princess is interested in starting to hunt jobs, specially in the art world, instead of being a full time royal like her cousin-in-law Kate Middleton. One insider informed that the Princess had already started getting job offers.

“Art is (Princess Eugenie’s) love and she plans to look around and get as much experience in different fields before deciding which route to go down. She already has people keen to speak to her not least because of her results, which were very good indeed,” said the insider.

Princess Eugenie declared yesterday, “I’m a freshly finished student so my future plans are coming together as we speak.”

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  1. Dennis says:

    Good that she wants to pursue some job than just be the Princess. Really good!

  2. Harper says:

    Congarts Eugenie! I also read about Prince William completed his training. great. Now has the entire Royal Family graduated? lols

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