Great Britain, Argentina to commemorate Falklands anniversary

Written on:April 2, 2023
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Photo: MSN UK

The 30th anniversary of the Argentine invasion of the Falklands is to be marked in due fashion today as Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to reassure the Falkland islanders of his government’s commitment to preserve British sovereignty in the disputed south Atlantic archipelago.

Meanwhile, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is scheduled to make a visit to the Falklands War Memorial site in the city of Ushuaia, to pay homage to the 649 Argentine soldiers that died in the war.

Photo: TVNZ

The anniversary of the Argentine intrusion comes at a time whenfresh tension between Britain and Argentina is brewing with Argentinaresorting to economic non-cooperation with the islands by refusing to let their ships moor in its ports.

Reacting to what Argentina believes to be British military intimidation,the Argentine government is now taking diplomatic routes to escalateits claims over the Falklands. Analysts rule out the possibility of an armed conflict despite the deployment of a Royal Navy warshipin the south Atlantic ocean.

The heads of states from both the nations are to illuminatecandles to mark the occasion.While PresidentCristina Fernandez is to hold rallies and ignite an eternal flame, Prime Minister David Cameron will visit the National Arboretum where he will light up a single candle.

Mr Cameron in his speech will laud the valour of the British troops that participated in the war thirty years ago.

“Today is a day for commemoration and reflection: a day to remember all those who lost their lives in the conflict – the members of our armed forces, as well as the Argentinian personnel who died”, David Cameron will say.

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