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Mystery Consortium plans four-runway airport near London Heathrow Airport

Written on:September 3, 2023
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New four-runway airport can solve aviation capacity crisis at Heathrow

Confidential information is being leaked as a secret British consortium along with China is planning on a £60bn plan of a four-runway-airport that might replace the existing Heathrow Airport.

The Independent on Sunday had revealed the aviation crisis had divided the coalition as a result of which such an important step has been taken. Reportedly, Heathrow has reached its capacity limit with 70 million passengers arriving already in 2011.

The Government is planning on establishing the site at Oxfordshire and Berkshire located on the West and North West of London. The new airport would have four runaways and would be easily in reach of London and its Midlands.

The report came as Transport Secretary Justine Greening is all set to launch a major consultation on future Airport Expansion. Specialist Engineers who have worked on major aviation projects in North and Latin America are carrying out a feasibility study in the above mentioned lands.

Although there are many opposition groups from communities and environmental groups regarding the establishment, a debate is being created to get political and business consensus on the mentioned criteria. A study is being created by a consortium of British Business which has been linked with Chinese Sovereign wealth funds over generating funds for the airport.

A war of words seem to be generated amongst former Environmental Minister Tim Yeo and David Cameroon where the former challenged the latter to show if he was a man or a mouse by backing Heathrow Expansion.

An Independent Consortium of Liberal Democrats is proposing the new airport to have four runways to compete with other airports and provide better use of existing capacity.

Along with the above mentioned establishment, there seem to be plans of newer airports at Thames Estuary as well as Hoo Penninsula. Although both the establishments haven’t found favour amongst the ministers.

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