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David Cameron fights back critics, reveals plans to revive economy

Written on:September 3, 2023
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David Cameron…designs strategy for economy revival to silence critics

As he plans sets up an independent body to review Britain’s airports and decides to reshuffle cabinet in a move directed towards reviving the British economy, David Cameron seems all set to give a go-ahead for the London Heathrow airport third runway expansion.

Besides the airport expansion, the Prime Minister has also hit back at his critics by employing certain emergency moves that include slashing red tape to boost housebuilding and jobs, making loans more affordable for first-time buyers, and announcing major road, rail and airport expansions.

Contrasting his usual measured tone, Cameron said that he is willing to take drastic steps to reduce red tapism and the likes which he says make it impossible to ‘get anything done’ in modern Britain. “New laws will make it easier to build new housing, factories and offices and encourage bosses to give opportunities to the jobless”, he said.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the failure of GCSE and said he had strong plans laid out to reverse ‘dumbing down’ and that he refused to ‘cave in’ to teaching unions who want to ‘pretend standards are rising each year.’

Strong words from Cameron came when he said that there would be ‘no more failures in schools, no more soft exams and soft discipline.’

Cameron also promises to bring about a change the infrastructure sector. He said, “Millions had been betrayed by the easy road on welfare, spend more money, push people a pound or two over the official poverty line and pretend you’ve cracked the problem.” Chancellor George Osborne will disclose the details of the new emergency economy package today.

Heathrow Airport expansion: Cameron under pressure to ditch Greening

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