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George Selby, 27, drowns with son at Majorca, Spain

Written on:September 3, 2023
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The Spanish Island of Marjorica where George Selby and his son drowned

The Spanish Island of Majorca witnessed a tragedy when George Selby, aged 27, tried to save his son Lewis Selby in spite of him being a non-swimmer.

Louis, along with his wife Abigail and three children Dylan, Louis and Mitchell, had planned a vacation for the first time leaving their home in Hornchurch, Essex and it feels sad that such a turn of events had occurred in a moment of happiness.

A police and an ambulance had arrived on scene on Saturday morning in order to have a clear idea about the situation. Despite of their vigilance, they could not save Little Louis or George. The tragedy would be considered as one of lack of discipline as Local Coastguards had put up a red flag to warn visitors not to go in sea at any time.

“It is a terrible tragedy. It appears the young boy was swept from the rocks by a large wave, and the dad naturally dived in trying to save him”, said a police source on the island.

One of the main reasons of the tragedy to occur was the extreme climate prevalent at the situation at hand. The little toddler didn’t even realise when the strong waves swept him away along with his father. Lack of discipline by the authorities is also one of main reason behind the incident to occur as the staircase was not closed off during bad weather.

“George going out into the sea to rescue Louis is him down to the tea. The tragic thing is that George could not swim but honestly cant imagine him standing by the side and watching his son drown. For whatever reason he had, he never learnt to swim. Its so tragic. You could not ask for a more decent guy than George”, said Selby’s best friend, Banker Graham Clerks.

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