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Jeremy Paxman to stay put at BBC’s Newsnight, clarifies BBC

Written on:November 19, 2023
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Jeremy Paxman had said cowardly and incompetent people within the BBC had caused George Entwistle’s exit

Jeremy Paxman isn’t going to quit BBC’s Newsnight, as per a BBC spokesperson, who has repudiated a report in the Sunday Mirror, which had asserted that Jeremy Paxman was disenchanted and would not return from filming a documentary to anchor the flagship current affairs programme of the BBC.

The Sunday Mirror alleged that Jeremy Paxman is due to exit BBC’s Newsnight after the programme erroneously implicated a veteran Conservative politician in a repugnant child sex abuse scandal.

A source had voiced to the Sunday Mirror that the consensus was that Jeremy Paxman wouldn’t be returning. He has experienced a marvelous professional career in the past but has publicly separated himself from the current BBC management.

But the BBC spokesperson has refuted this Sunday Mirror report while issuing a clarification to The Huffington Post UK.

The recent Newsnight programme, which inaccurately accused a senior Conservative politician of involvement in child sex abuse, caused George Entwistle’s resignation from the post of BBC’s Director-General last week.

Jeremy Paxman, subsequent to George Entwistle’s exit, had released a declaration, in which he regretted the departure of Entwistle. The departure had been brought about due to cowardly and inept people within the BBC, as per Paxman.

Paxman had discharged a scathing critique of the BBC management in his declaration, going on to state that the genuine problem was the BBC’s decision to play safe by appointing compliant people, in the wake of the Hutton Inquiry. As per Paxman, the BBC had exacerbated the situation by operationalising a sequence of cuts on the programme budgets. The management, however, had ballooned disproportionately during the same time.

These unsuitable decisions have caused the current predicament for the BBC, critiqued Paxman, who is loved and hated for his abrasive interviewing technique.

Meanwhile, some media analysts have commented that the failures of Newsnight aren’t due to budget diminishments. Instead, mediocre journalism was responsible for the aforesaid inaccurate Newsnight programme. BBC, as per these analysts, should stop broadcasting ‘low culture’ like Top of the Pops and Radio 1, as they are the antithesis of the Reithian tenets, upon which BBC was born.

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