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Jubilee Park rape case: Police detain Edmonton male over schoolgirl’s rape

Written on:November 26, 2023
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The case of a schoolgirl, who was raped in Jubilee Park, has frightened the parents of the area

The case of an 11-year-old schoolgirl, who was raped in Jubilee Park, Lower Edmonton, on Friday evening around 5, has now led to the arrest of a 26-year-old man at a location in Edmonton.

But the police have claimed that their investigation into the rape case is continuing despite the arrest of this man on the suspicion of having raped the aforesaid girl as she walked home from her school.

The rape victim has been characterised as petite and sporting a uniform. As per the police, she disembarked the 192 bus from Enfield Town in Bury Street and was present in Galliard Road when a male pulled her into the Jubilee Park’s pitch and putt zone.

The sexual assault on the girl lasted between two and three hours, as per the police. The girl reached her residence in a traumatised condition at 8 at night and was subsequently taken to the hospital to undergo surgery for grave sexual injuries.

Extra police squads have been patrolling the area around the Jubilee Park following the rape attack, with the police urging eyewitnesses to come forward with data about the crime.

The police are eager to talk to anyone, who had seen the victim in a hassled and untidy condition, following the sexual assault.

The police have labelled the suspect as black with an Afro hairdo, who was sporting a dark grey top and black, loose-fitting jeans during the attack.

Meanwhile, the residents of the area, especially other parents with daughters of a similar age, have been terrified by the vile sexual attack on the 11-year-old schoolgirl.

Edmonton MP Andy Love has uttered that the crime is unbelievably ghastly as a girl has been abducted, raped, discharged and compelled to find her way home. Enfield-Southgate MP David Burrowes has offered his wholehearted sympathy and prayers for the victim of this horrific sexual attack. As per Burrowes, the rape occurred on a well-used school route, which necessitates immense future police vigilance in this area. The evil rapist must be arrested soon, demanded the MP.

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