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Jimmy Savile letter to Margaret Thatcher spoke of ‘love’

Written on:December 28, 2023
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Jimmy Savile wrote about ‘his girl patients’ to Margaret Thatcher

The Jimmy Savile scandal has got murkier with the release of letters exchanged between the BBC presenter and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, which described his intention to gather support for Stoke Mandeville hospital renovation work. The Jimmy Savile’s letter to Margaret Thatcher had chilling references of the excitement of his ‘girl patient’ and ‘paralyzed lads’ when Savile met Thatcher for lunch in 1980.

The 21-page dossier released by the government under National Archives in Kew, south west London, contains six notes which provide evidence to Jimmy Savile’s shoulder-rubbing with the highest echelons of British society, and personal letters exchanged between the DJ and Margaret Thatcher.

The revelations come days after Jimmy Savile’s contemporary and 1970s magician Paul Daniels revealed the lives of celebrities during the 70s in his blog. The hand-written letter bore the address “Flat 84, 22 Park Crescent, W1.” The content of the letter read, “Dear Prime Minister. I waited a week before writing to thank you for my lunch invitation because I had such a superb time I didn’t want to be too effusive. My girl patients pretended to be madly jealous + wanted to know what you wore + what you ate. All the paralyzed lads called me ‘Sir James’ all week. They all love you. Me too!!” and ended with a signature “Jimmy Savile OBE xxx”.

Jimmy Savile was invited for lunch by Margaret Thatcher on the basis of his fundraising for Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, where it has been claimed that he also carried out sexual abuse of patients.

The letters reveal how Jimmy Savile curried favour in political circles and was granted invitations to Chequers with the then Prime Minister. Jimmy Savile’s letters to Margaret Thatcher also entailed his suggestion of a government contribution to Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Discussions as to where the money should come from followed in many letters. In December 1981, it was decided the government would give £500,000 to the Stoke Mandeville Appeal.

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    ohh… the creepiness increases..

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