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UK cold snaps to become common in next 25 years, says Prof John Beddington

Written on:March 26, 2023
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Professor John Beddington has said climate change and CO2 levels in atmosphere would produce huge changes in climate patterns in the UK and in the world

The Met Office weather forecast, which talked of a frigid Easter for Britain, has been followed by a prediction from the Coalition’s principal scientific adviser, Prof Sir John Beddington, that the nation could witness drastic weather extremes in the coming 25 years. As per Professor John Beddington, climate change and CO2 levels in the atmosphere could produce massive alterations in the climatic patterns. Due to climate change, dramatic cold snaps like the incumbent one in Britain will become more common in the future. He assessed that the variation in the temperature or rainfall, which Britain has been experiencing lately, is double the average rate.

Thus, the Professor analysed that the nation is going to encounter more famines, sea surges, squalls and floods. The Professor’s predictions have emerged in the backdrop of Britons shivering due to unusually freezing conditions, which have cut off electricity supply to thousands of British homes.

The Met Office weather forecast on Monday had released a yellow ice alert, applicable to much of Britain. The British travellers have encountered troublesome conditions on the roads, many of which have been simply unusable because of the snowy weather.

Wales and England had experienced 10 separate flooding incidents between April and December 2012 subsequent to widespread droughty conditions. Thousands of residences and businesses were inundated during this period.

The Professor remarked that the phrase ‘global warming’ presents the impression that the globe will become warmer. But this is certain to cause greater variability in British weather.

As per the Met Office weather assessment, the month of March could prove to be the coldest March in Britain in 40 years. The Coalition’s chief scientific adviser has asserted that, even if concerted action was now adopted to address carbon emissions, significant climate change would be felt in the next 20-25 years as a consequence of past global carbon emissions.

Professor John Beddington has confessed that there were some uncertainties in the climate change models. But he stated that these uncertainties were wholly outweighed by the enormous body of proofs, which show that climate change is occurring.

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