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Kate Middleton’s first official painting by artist Paul Emsley shown

Written on:January 11, 2024
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Artist Paul Emsley has said his Kate Middleton portrait is simple and contemporary, with a focus on Kate’s hair and face

The first official painting of Kate Middleton has been revealed, with the official Kate Middleton painting being done by the artist, Paul Emsley, who used up numerous months to come up with the Kate Middleton portrait, employing a technique of building thin layers of oil and glazes on canvas. The Duchess of Cambridge presented herself twice to Paul Emsley for her painting to be done. Paul Emsley also utilised a series of photographs, which he took of Catherine, for the purpose of creating the Kate Middleton portrait.

The Kate Middleton official painting is scheduled to go on show on Friday afternoon at London’s National Portrait Gallery, of which the Duchess of Cambridge is the patron. Artist Paul Emsley was elected to paint the Kate Middleton official portrait by the Gallery’s director, Sandy Nairne. The Duchess of Cambridge was also connected to the selection process to choose the artist.

Kate Middleton, whose pregnancy was proclaimed by the monarchy in December, sat for Paul Emsley in May 2012 at his studio and again in June at Kensington Palace. As per Paul Emsley, Kate Middleton had desired that she be portrayed as her natural self, rather than her royal self. Paul Emsley characterised his Kate Middleton portrait as simple, without many things cluttering the background.

Paul Emsley remarked that he liked large faces in portraits as he found them strong and contemporary. The artist asserted that he is interested in the facial landscape, the manner in which light and shadow fall across the forms. Paul Emsley also said it is easier to do paintings using photographs as photography is accurate today. He is always worried about whether the sitters are hot or cold or comfortable while posing for his paintings.

Initially, Paul Emsley desired to make an unsmiling Kate Middleton painting but altered his mind on meeting the Duchess of Cambridge, whom he described as a smiling person. Paul Emsley’s Kate Middleton portrait consists of her eyes in a slightly altered condition to match her blouse’s colour and the blue background. Sandy Nairne has remarked that it would be exciting to portray the Duchess’ first commissioned public portrait.

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