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Catholic priest among 2 arrested in London care home child abuse case

Written on:February 7, 2024
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Worry over the London care home child sex abuse case had been raised by MP Tom Watson in Oct 2012

A Catholic priest and another male have been detained by detectives, who are inquiring allegations of historical child sex abuse in London revolving around a guest house and a care home. The London child sex abuse case has led to the detention of Reverend Tony McSweeney in Norfolk. A 70-year-old male has also been arrested by the police officers in East Sussex on the suspicion of being involved in the London child sexual abuse case. The London child sex abuse allegations are connected to Elm Guest House and the Grafton Close care home in Barnes, southwest London.

The detentions of the two males were carried out as part of Operation Fernbridge. This investigative operation was initiated after apprehensions were raised by MP Tom Watson regarding the solid likelihood of the London child sex abuse case.

A spokesman of the Diocese of East Anglia has confirmed that the 66-year-old Reverend McSweeney was detained. Regarding the London care home sex abuse case, the spokesman has voiced that the protection of kids and of innocent people is of extreme importance to the Catholic Church. The Diocese is cooperating wholly with the police in the London child sex abuse case investigation.

Commander Peter Spindler, associated with the Metropolitan Police, has remarked that the London guest house child sex abuse case is being investigated by multiple agencies, which are obtaining support from NSPCC, Ceop and Richmond Social Services. The Commander has urged any person, who had been victimised in the guest house/care home, to talk to the local police or the NSPCC.

MP Tom Watson, while addressing the Parliament in October 2012, had proclaimed that a document of evidence was employed to convict Peter Righton of child pornography importation in 1992. This document consisted of clear intelligence regarding a sex abuse ring. Tom Watson had alleged that a member of the ring had boasted about connections with a senior aide to an ex-PM.

Meanwhile, the Richmond Council, which administered the controversial care home, has responded to the allegations by uttering that it treats these allegations gravely. It is assisting the London child sex abuse investigation and safeguarding of children is its foremost priority.

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