British security guard faces terrorism charges

Written on:July 19, 2023
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British security guard takes to Islam, turns terrorist

The Scotland Yard arrested five men and a woman, charged with terrorism offences, one of them being Richard Dart, a British security guard at BBC, who converted to Islam last year and rechristened himself as Salahuddin.

Richard Dart, aged 29, from Ealing; Imran Mahmood, 21, from Northolt; Jahangir Alom, 26, from Stratford; and Ruksana Begum, 22, from Hoxton; Khalid Baqa, 47, from Barking are scheduled to appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court today.

It is alleged that between July 25, 2023 and July 6, 2012, Dart, Mahmood and Alom travelled to Pakistan for terrorism training, and to other countries to commit acts of terrorism, and said to have propagated the commission of terrorist acts by providing information about travel to Pakistan and terrorism training, and operational security during their stay in Pakistan.

Dart was recently featured in a documentary called My Brother the Islamist by BBC, which showcased Dart’s hatred for the UK, stating that he wanted it be run under strict Sharia Law. The video also featured his step-brother Robb Leech who described how Dart had planned to become a builder before he took to Islam in 2010.

Begum was alleged to have had possession of a record of information likely to be useful in preparing an act of terrorism, namely a micro SD card which contains documents entitled Inspire 8, Inspire 9 Winter 2012 Edition, and Shahida and Al-Fidous on July 5, 2012.” Inspire is an online al-Qaeda magazine.

Baqa is also charged with possession of terrorist material (with many copies of Inspire magazine) and dissemination of terrorist material through CDs containing a documentary entitled 39 Ways to Support and Participate in Jihad.

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  1. Tia says:

    How can a Brit turn into Muslim? Their religious leaders have got good convincing skills…

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