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Kate Middleton’s hyperemesis gravidarum could last more than five months

Written on:December 5, 2023
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Wishes pour in from across the globe for Kate Middleton’s speedy recovery

It’s the third day at King Edward VII Hospital for the pregnant Kate Middleton who is battling acute morning sickness, medically termed as hyperemesis gravidarum, that could last beyond five months time.

Kate’s hyperemesis gravidarum has taken its toll on Prince William too, who was by his wife’s bedside for six hours yesterday from 11.30am to 5.45pm. However, Prince William looked relieved and smiled as he acknowledged wishes for Kate Middleton’s speedy recovery, while he left the hospital.

St James Palace confirmed that Kate was doing better than before but she would remain on treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum. Kate Middleton is currently receiving vital fluids and nutrients via a drip as she fights Hyperemesis gravidarum.

Hyperemesis gravidarum, the condition with which eight weeks pregnant Kate Middleton has been diagnosed with, can last for the first five months of pregnancy, and sometimes even for the entire nine months duration. Hyperemesis gravidarum will need regular hospital treatment because it can lead to severe dehydration, putting mother and baby at risk.

This could mean that Prince William and Kate Middleton would have to spend a few days apart until her treatment for Hyperemesis gravidarum is complete. Kate Middleton is under the care of top two Royal doctors - The Queen’s current surgeon-gynaecologist Alan Farthing and his predecessor Marcus Setchell.

47-year-old Alan Farthing is the former fiance of murdered television presenter Jill Dando and joined the royal household in 2008. This is the first royal pregnancy since his appointment.

Marcus Setchell, 69, has been treating Kate Middleton for Hyperemesis gravidarum. He has been the royal surgeon-gynaecologist for 18 years. Farthing and Setchell will work together through Kate’s pregnancy.

Kate Middleton pregnant with Royal heir, Palace announces

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