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Met Office forecasts severe weather for UK, rush hour travel chaos likely

Written on:February 5, 2024
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The weather forecast says the most atrocious weather is to be across the Pennines and northern Midlands

The UK snow and gales are likely to generate travel commotion across the nation today as another cold front enters the UK from Greenland. The Met Office weather forecast says up to 5 inches of snow and 70 mph winds are likely. The Met Office weather forecast for Tuesday consisted of a severe weather warning for the entire zone of Britain. Snowiness or rainfall and robust winds are likely to infiltrate most areas of Britain on Tuesday, as per the Met Office weather assessment.

The authorities have cautioned the travellers to beware of the perilous iciness on the roads. The Met Office weather forecast expresses that the mercury is set to touch only 5C during the day. The weather forecast, issued by the Met Office, voices that the most terrible weather is expected down the west of Scotland, across the Pennines and northern Midlands. The weather forecast of the Met Office says that, on the high ground, the state of affairs will be atrocious as up to five inches of snow are likely and drifts building up to over a foot are expected.

The weather agency has also forecast that, southwards, snowiness is likely this morning. Nevertheless, the snowiness will be relatively light and will probably convert into hail and blustery showers. The Met Office weather forecast for Tuesday expresses that a couple of inches of snow is likely in Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England. Gigantic waves around coastal zones are likely.

The Met Office’s Dan Williams has remarked that the worst of the travel disturbances is to be in the morning on Tuesday, with cities like Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford likely to be inconvenienced severely during rush hour.

The Met Office has released its weather forecast for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday too. Wednesday will experience blistery and wet weather, with snowy showers inundating the east of the nation as far south as East Anglia. Thursday will have, momentarily, drier sunny climate, which will be followed on Friday by light snow and rainfall.

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