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European football match-fixing affected over 380 fixtures, probe reveals

Written on:February 5, 2024
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Europol director, Rob Wainwright, has said it would be naive to think criminal conspiracy doesn’t affect English football

The European football’s match-fixing scandal is suspected to have affected the outcomes of over 380 international football fixtures. Europol, the European investigative organisation, proclaimed on Monday that the European football match-fixing scandal is believed to have hit 15 nations. The football fixtures, suspected to have been fixed, include the Champions League, European Championship, World Cup qualifiers and European football league games. FIFA has reacted to Europol’s announcement by demanding lengthier jail terms for those linked to the match-fixing menace.

Rob Wainwright, the Europol director, voiced at a press conference that the European football match-fixing disgrace is the consequence of an Asian criminal syndicate, which collaborates with European criminal networks. The Europol director has remarked that the football match-fixing scandal is the largest ever in European history. Wainwright has elaborated that a massive integrity problem in football has been exposed by the European football match-fixing revelations. Criminal conspiracy does tarnish the English football, assessed the Europol director.

Europol consumed 18 months to finish the first cross-border inquest into Europe football match-fixing. The match-fixing in European football is expected to have contained a total of 425 referees, footballers and criminals. A total of £6.8m would have been the gain of the European football match-fixing network. The biggest amount won by a single criminal, connected to the European football match-fixing saga, was 140000 Euros. The investigators, however, fear that these results are only the tip of the iceberg, with the real degree of the Europe football match-fixing being far more immense.

Europol has unveiled formal charges against those linked to the Europe football match-fixing network. The investigation also focused on nations outside the European zone. The findings of the European football match-fixing investigation will be handed by Europol shortly to Michel Platini, the President of the Union of European Football Associations.

UEFA has responded to the investigation into European football match-fixing by remarking that it has a zero-tolerance policy towards match-fixing. FIFA’s security chief, Ralf Mutschke, has described match-fixing and match-manipulation as an international problem, which isn’t going to vanish soon.

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